How to Deal with The Currency Exchange in Bali


Where to exchange money in Bali?

Bali has a large variety of foreign tourists coming to Bali and in 2018 there were more than 6,500,000 foreign tourists visiting Bali, and with all these tourists visits there is also a demand for exchanging their money to local Indonesian Rupiah. This article will look into the best places to exchange foreign currency, how to stay away from non-authorized money exchanges and how to keep track of all the Zero’s in the Indonesian Rupiah

Above you can see a Google Map location of two selected Money Changers in Bali. One is located in Jalan Kerobokan and this street is famous for its many Trusted Money Changers. The other one located in the Kuta area close by Discovery Shopping Mall. Dont let yourself being fooled by the high currency rate some Money Changers offers and go with the trusted ones such as BMC Banjar Taman in Jalan Kerobokan and Central Kuta Money Exchange close by Discovery Shopping Mall. 

To find out the latest currency change on the World Wide Web following the link below to XE Currency Converter

We always get the question: Should I change my money before I leave to Bali or should we exchange the money in Bali? 

The answer to this is quite simple: In Bali! 

The reason for this is you will lose a high % of the exchange changing outside of Indonesia. We had multiple friends arriving in Bali already changed their money at the airport before leaving to Bali only learning that they lost more than USD 50 on the rate or commission exchanging USD 500 and that is not the best feeling on your holiday trip to Paradise

Below are a few videos on Money Changers to avoid which does not look like a authorized Money Changers but tourists in a rush tends to use them. Watch closely what happens when entering such a place is an foreign owned and run business working closely with quality Balinese Companies to showcase all Bali has to offer for the ultimate holiday experience.

Our website is a one-stop shop for researching and booking your perfect Bali holiday. We charge for all tours in USD- eliminating the fees and confusion incurred with currency exchange. As we are online based our overheads are low allowing us to keep our prices highly competitive, with the majority of our Bali tours and activities being below the Published Price you would be charged if booking in Bali. We take care of the booking process for you, from beginning to end, ensuring when you arrive in Bali your holiday will run smoothly. Visit us at for all your Bali Holiday needs.

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