Marina Srikandi - Bali Ideas 1

Marina Srikandi

Marina Srikandi is a Fast Boat company established on December 18th, 2010, in Bali by Muliadi Sukito, who saw the opportunity to grow tourism in

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Caspla Bali Seaview - Bali Ideas 3

Caspla Bali Seaview

Caspla Bali Seaview is one of part second side business from Caspla Bali Company. Our caspla Bali sea view business service are specialist of sea

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Glory Fast Boats - Bali Ideas 3

Glory Fast Boats

A premium boat transfer company is operating between Sanur beach and Nusa Lembongan Island in sunny Bali, Indonesia. Enjoy plush seating and panoramic views aboard

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Rocky Fast Cruise - Bali Ideas 1

Rocky Fast Cruise

Lembongan is approximately 8 square kilometers in size, with a permanent population estimated at 8,000. Coral reefs surround the island with white sand beaches and

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Sri Rejeki Express Fast Boat - Bali Ideas

Sri Rejeki Express

Sri Rejeki Express A new comfortable boat transfer between Sanur beach and Nusa Lembongan Island in sunny Bali, Indonesia. Owned by a group of “fishermen,”

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Scoot Cruises - Bali Ideas 1

Scoot Cruises

Scoot Fast Cruises commenced operating in Bali in 2004, providing a service from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan. Originally the idea was to give a fast

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Arthamas Express

You are looking for FAST BOAT LEMBONGAN & SANUR WITH SAFETY EQUIPMENT !!!! ARTHAMAS EXPRESS fast boat transfers offer three times schedule depart from Sanur.

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Maruti Group - Bali Ideas 1

Maruti Group

Maruti established on February 11th, 2011. At that time, we still had one boat named Maruti Express, which is a boat transfer for Sanur to

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