Made’s warung

Made, the oldest daughter in the family, started to help out after school work was done, and slowly changed the Balinese warung into a more suitable eating place for foreigners, without changing the concept and the structure of a warung. Surfers introduced jaffles, an Australian type grilled sandwich. Other people asked for fruit salads, then came pancakes (still a best seller), and western-style breakfasts. Japanese people asked and showed made how to make sushi and sashimi. Made adapted quickly, and so the menu grew and became truly international, from gado2 to sushi made’s warung became a must in Bali for the local Jakarta crowd and the foreign guests, a hang out were people wanted to see and be seen. Renovating the old warung in Kuta about four times brought made into the nineties, and time was right to start thinking about a more spacious place, as Kuta grew out of its coat. Seminyak was the place where the next generation made warung was going to be built. The concept of people eating together in an environment that was informal, friendly, and in line with the Indonesian warung philosophy was to be kept. In a warung, strangers sit together at a table and eat, drink, and talk together. A table for 1 or 2 does not exist; everybody joins each other. New contacts are being made. We decided to stick to the warung concept, by now the word warung in Indonesia was widely accepted, in the 70‘ties, when people asked what business you were into and you told them that you had a warung people would look at you and say “ you mean a restaurant, right.”

Now even multinationals such as Telkom use the word warung, as in wartel and others. In mid-1995, the new restaurant was under construction, and mid-1996, the opening was a fact. From day one, the original made’s was a success, and in 1997, it was awarded the best restaurant of Bali by the governor, through the branch of the tourism board of Bali. in 2010 we had the opportunity to expand the warug again and rebuild and integrated the new section with some additional shops and an area where we now have Balinese dance performances as well as some live music. There is a beautiful bar in the middle inspired by the raffles bar in Singapore serving old favorites like our now-famous arak madu. Shops such as bin house, milo’s, just jen’s, Emax, lotus de Vivre, periplus, fast internet facilities, and many smaller boutiques are now part of the warung village. Of course, we hope to continue to please all of our loyal friends and customers with our home-style cooking and service for a long time to come, as the next generation is ready to continue the tradition. We hope to give you all an enjoyable and memorable night in Bali at made’s, and we wish you all an enjoyable holiday/conference on the island of the gods.

Open Everyday 10.00 - 00.00

(0361) 732130

Jl. Raya Seminyak, Seminyak, Kuta, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

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